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Impassioned Sales Solutions, LLC | Houston, TX

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Join Our Live Virtual Training Sessions

Sandler Training is augmenting our professional training to your employees with our new live streaming webcasts. Combine self-study courses with live virtual training sessions to maximize the learning and get feedback from our certified trainers. Our new virtual training maximizes results with less time out of the field for your remote, technical, operational, and/or frequent traveling sales team.

Does not include the following extra services

  • Consulting on processes including but not limited to hiring, sales templating, prospecting, accountability, 30 second commercials, goal setting, and compensation (above and beyond what's listed in different bundles
  • Interviewing for any candidates hired or considering to be hired
  • Group training or coaching sessions
  • Ride Along's either local or out of state
  • Strategic planning or sales kickoff sessions
  • Sales and/or Management Boot Camps
  • Any other Sandler training offering (i.e. customer service, etc.)
  • In person and/or phone coaching for specific sales opportunities (other than listed above)
  • Monthly progress and update checks with leadership