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Sandler Training

As sales professionals, it’s our job to determine our prospective buyer’s pain. How? By asking the right questions at the right time and in the right way. When we do this, our closing ratios improve. When we don’t, those same ratios get worse. 

Not all buyers have the same priorities … but sometimes we make the mistake of imagining they do. The buyer’s journey has certain discrete stages. It’s our responsibility as sales professionals to understand these stages, identify the priorities that connect to each stage, and then adapt to those priorities. 

What Happened to the Motivation? Why is it that so many salespeople start their selling careers with a great deal of enthusiasm-truly motivated to grow, to succeed, and to advance their careers-and then, somewhere along the way, the motivation fades, and the "career" becomes little more than a job...a way to make a living?

On Monday morning, you look at your calendar for the week, and there it is, with a big red circle around it - a reminder that your territory expansion plan is due on the sales manager's desk by Friday morning. You've completed much of the preliminary work; but you still have a dozen or so customers to contact, some figures to compile, and a spreadsheet analysis to prepare.

When hearing about a success in another business, most salespeople have found themselves thinking or saying, "That may work in other businesses, but not mine."

This is a collection of twelve simple steps all salespeople should live by.

David Sandler observed that "People make buying decisions emotionally." What does that mean? It's been explained that the prospect must be emotionally involved in the sale and the pain must affect the prospect on an emotional level; but what does that mean?

Have you stopped to think how much the word "IF" is worth? Judging by the way many professionals talk, it must be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example:

What happens the first time you try a new selling technique? It's usually uncomfortable and doesn't go as smoothly as it did in the seminar or how you imagined it would go.

Successful salespeople are often experts at differentiating themselves from the competition. This isn’t a coincidence. It’s vital because if the prospect has no way of differentiating between sales people, they’ll default to their tried and true method, price.